Montag, 21 of Oktober of 2019

Vasectomy reversal by an exceptional specialist in microsurgery


J. Ullrich Schwarzer MD., PhD.Anzug2 Web


Professor of Andrology and Urology,

Technische Universität München


Andrologie Centrum München
Lortzingstraße 26
D-81241 Munich, Germany
Tel: +49  89 820811 00, Fax +49  89 820811 01


Prof. Schwarzer has specialized in vasectomy reversal for nearly 30 years. He has personally performed refertilization operations in more than 2.600 patients with excellent outcomes concerning patency and pregnancy rates. These results were widely published in international journals and books.

Vasectomy reversal- Int J. Androl.pdf

Current status of vasectomy reversal - nature.2013

Professional focus:

Andrology – Microsurgery – Genital Surgery – Refertilization – vasectomy reversal


vasectomy reversal by Prof. Schwarzer

microsurgical epididymovasostomy by Prof. Schwarzer


Vasectomy reversal- Int J. Androl.pdf

nature.2013: current status of vasectomy reversal