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andrology center munich


J. Ullrich Schwarzer, M.D., Ph.D.OP2 Web

Professor of Andrology and Urology at “Technische Universität München”

Senior surgeon for operative andrology at “Urologische Klinik München-Planegg”

Medical director of the “Andrology Center Munich”


Heiko Steinfatt, M.D., M.S.

Senior Andrologist at “Urologische Klinik München-Planegg”

Andrologist, Andrologie Centrum München


Lortzingstraße 26
D-81241 München, Germany
Tel. +49 89 820 811 00
Fax. +49 89 820 811 01


Private Practice

Andrology Laboratory

Center for outpatient surgical care

Senior consultans and surgeons  at “Urologische  Klinik München-Planegg”

located next to Pasing train station in Munich, Germany               Expertenforum Refertilisation

zum Forum für Sterilisation und Refertilisierung


english homepage


Vasectomy reversal- Int J. Androl.pdf

Review in nature: current status of vasectomy reversal

Mann Männerarzt Androloge Spezialist Andrologie Samenleiter Sterilisation Vasektomie

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